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Note: Pre-sorting and pre-coloring of letters and diacritics lead the low IQ children, ease-loving youth, new Muslims and ‘old parrots’ to an Instant NAZRA. ERA’s 3 colors reduce 70% of Rules of Recitation, labour and time and remove their confusion and frustration.

In fact, ERA places a GPS in Holy Quran to meet all NAZRA needs. It makes NAZRA Easiest to Learn, Easiest to Read and Easiest to Teach. ERA starts a Revolution of Relaxed Recitation in NAZRA Quran. Please refer this Site to your loved ones.
To sum up: Treat one Arabic letter at a time, giving out its conduct, as shown by its color and always moving your eyes one-way leftward. Please read more for extra useful information.
ERA Transliteration makes things better in life for the following groups of Muslims.
  • Current Readers of Holy Quran improve their Reading /Recital!
  • Learners speed-up learning and first completion of Holy Quran!
  • Readers on Roman Arabic switch to Readily Readable ERA Transliteration!
  • Many ERA Readers volunteer and shine as Talented Teachers!
The ERA Transliteration offers following facilities to Arab and non-Arab Muslims.

Advantages / Merits

Lesser Labour Shorter Time Less Puzzles No Errors Happy Results
ERA Transliteration combines Performance with Pleasure.

Utilities / Benifits

Learn to Read Improve your Recital Memorize Teach to Read Teach to Teach
ERA Transliteration gives Correct Solutions for NAZRA, like a GPS.

Some Sample Pages of Holy Quran

Please visit following actual pages from New ERA NAZRA Quran
Pages: 1-4 Pages: 342-345 Pages: 682-685 Pages: 1039-1042

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Note: In case you rightly deserve a discount, then please study all Web-Pages including Library & FAQs, before informing us, as to how ERA Transliteration can facilitate your Sacred Services to the Holy Quran? We shall try to help you, to our maximum, For Free. In Shah Allah.

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