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Note: Pre-sorting and pre-coloring of letters and diacritics lead the low IQ children, ease-loving youth, new Muslims and ‘old parrots’ to an Instant NAZRA. ERA’s 3 colors reduce 70% of Rules of Recitation, labour and time and remove their confusion and frustration.

In fact, ERA places a GPS in Holy Quran to meet all NAZRA needs. It makes NAZRA Easiest to Learn, Easiest to Read and Easiest to Teach. ERA starts a Revolution of Relaxed Recitation in NAZRA Quran. Please refer this Site to your loved ones.
To sum up: Treat one Arabic letter at a time, giving out its conduct, as shown by its color and always moving your eyes one-way leftward. Please read more for extra useful information.
ERA Transliteration makes things better in life for the following groups of Muslims.
  • Current Readers of Holy Quran improve their Reading /Recital!
  • Learners speed-up learning and first completion of Holy Quran!
  • Readers on Roman Arabic switch to Readily Readable ERA Transliteration!
  • Many ERA Readers volunteer and shine as Talented Teachers!
The ERA Transliteration offers following facilities to Arab and non-Arab Muslims.

Advantages / Merits

Lesser Labour Shorter Time Less Puzzles No Errors Happy Results
ERA Transliteration combines Performance with Pleasure.

Utilities / Benifits

Learn to Read Improve your Recital Memorize Teach to Read Teach to Teach
ERA Transliteration gives Correct Solutions for NAZRA, like a GPS.

Some Sample Pages of Holy Quran

Please visit following actual pages from New ERA NAZRA Quran
Pages: 1-4 Pages: 342-345 Pages: 682-685 Pages: 1039-1042

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