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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How does ERA Transliteration give Instant NAZRA Quran?
  2. Full reply available at HOME Page.

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  3. What vital part Transliteration plays in NAZRA Quran ritual?
  4. Crucially, 3 steps as under are traversed to accomplish NAZRA Quran.

    1. Reader focuses at one letter and surveys 1 to 5 letters / spaces ahead.
    2. Reader computes a Mental Transliteration out of said letter and its situation.
    3. Reader speaks out his / her Transliteration, which then is NAZRA Quran.

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  5. Can ERA letters be printed like Latin letters, disconnected or disjointed?
  6. Yes. ERA letters can also be printed like a Latin script, duly disjointed.

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  7. Why to have a copy of Quran, very special to meet my NAZRA needs?
  8. To begin with, copies of Quran carried only the divine message in Arabic.
    Next copies of Quran brought the divine message, with its Translation.
    Next copies of Quran showed divine message along with its Transliteration in say, Roman Letters.
    Lastly, New ERA NAZRA Quran presents original divine message in Transliterated Arabic, amazingly meeting your NAZRA Quran needs.

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  9. Can I learn NAZRA Quran on your System, without possessing an ample knowledge of Arabic language?
  10. Yes you can.

    Every Muslim can learn NAZRA Quran, on ERA Transliteration, without having an ample knowledge of Arabic language. Compared to other Arabic scripts, much less Arabic know-how, effort and time are invested by non-Arab learners and readers, to produce a correct, comfortable and quality NAZRA Quran, on our ERA Transliteration.      Please don’t forget to tell us about your success.

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  11. In my NAZRA Quran, I err and stumble and then I correct my words and letters. Can I improve my accuracy and fluency, on your System?
  12. Yes you can.

    First go through ‘A Brief for Teachers and Current Readers of Holy Quran.’ Then, you get friendly with ERA Transliteration. And with practice, you can quickly improve accuracy, fluency and quality of your NAZRA Quran. Please tell us, when you are pleased with yourself.

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  13. What quality of recitation, a reader on ERA Transliteration, hopes to achieve?
  14. With a view to provide a simpler, easier and equal recitation to all ERA readers, we adhere to ‘Verse by verse recitation.’ As a result, all ERA readers generate ‘Similar sensible sound-tracks.’

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  15. Can such readers, who start on ERA’s Color-aids and cues etc., later on learn to recite a Holy Quran, written in other Arabic scripts?
  16. Yes, very much.

    With an additional effort, all of them can learn to recite on other Arabic scripts. Their early success on ERA Transliteration is very economical and fascinating. It is like a child learning to ride a tri-cycle. Their later obligation will need some extra work, like a tri-cycle rider child needs an extra interest to ride a bi-cycle.

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  17. Can I, if trained on ERA’s Simplification, Color guidance and Composing etc., learn Arabic as a Second Language?
  18. Yes, why not?

    You shall have an ample edge against other students, who also hold no earlier exposure to Arabic Language. Beside, you shall then realize the massive merrits of ERA Transliteration, toward your NAZRA Quran. Then, tell us about your experience.

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  19. Can I become a confident, effective and popular tutor to teach NAZRA Quran, to my children, new Muslims and others?
  20. Yes.

    If you are a regular reader of Holy Quran on other scripts, you are a competent and quality reader on ERA script, after you read ‘A Brief for Teachers and Current Readers of Holy Quran.’

    To be a talented tutor, you should carefully read two ERA books; 'Teacher's Guidebook' and 'Readers' Primer.' After that, you shall enjoy teaching your students and they will love learning from you.

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  21. To whom ERA Transliteration serves better, an already experienced reader or just a beginner?
  22. Both categories are served very well by ERA Transliteration.

    • To the experienced readers, the System provides ‘Smart Solutions’ to improve their quality of recitation, without hassle and rigorous effort.
    • To the beginners, the System provides an intimate effective lead for a sound recitation, with comfort, pleasure and confidence.

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  23. Students, learning NAZRA Quran on conventional scripts, have to memorize and exercise numerous Arabic names, terms, punctuation signs, grammar tips and recitation rules, etc. How much of this load is taken off the minds of students?
  24. About 50-70%

    With its well planned layout of each line on each page, ERA Transliteration inspires ERA students. It reduces their need to memorize and exercise many Arabic names, terms, punctuation signs, grammar tips, recitation rules, etc.

    What they memorize and exercise is a 1, 2, 3, as under:

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  25. What is the main merit of ERA Transliteration, against other Arabic scripts?
  26. Common Arabic scripts were never duly developed or created to make NAZRA Quran easiest and friendly to the non Arabs. Thus, to meet their religious obligation like NAZRA recitation, many non Arabs utilized ‘Transliterations into non Arab letters.’

    ERA is first real Arabic script, which is also exclusively engineered to serve NAZRA Quran to the non Arab Muslims.

    ERA Transliteration guides its readers to read exactly what is shown to them in black and green. It frees them from making many decisions and prevents them from making many errors.

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  27. Why does ERA Transliteration deviate from the age old practice of using same size and same shape NUKTAS or dots, on all ERA letters?
  28. A variety and diversity of NUKTAS or dots have been utilized to make all ERA letter much more distinct and more easily and quickly recognized, even by the dummies.

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  29. Why non Arab Muslims lay so much emphasis on recital or NAZRA Quran, without first learning and mastering the Arabic language?
  30. NAZRA Quran or recital of Holy Quran is a devout requirement for all the Muslims. It would be great, if all Muslims could learn and master Arabic language, before reading the Holy Quran.

    Till then, to help Muslims recite Holy Quran, precisely and correctly, many innovations were developed and added into Arabic scripts. ERA Transliteration is the biggest one time bundle.

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  31. In other scripts, each diacritic or TASHKEEL commands 2, 3 or more effects. So, each reader faces full risk and responsibility to pick one right command and then create its effect. Do you dissolve this puzzle, resolve this riddle and protect ERA learners, readers and teachers from this risk and responsibility?
  32. Yes, ERA Transliteration has dissolved the puzzle, for ever.

    All diacritics in ERA System convey only one specific effect. No problems or puzzles are judged, treated or solved by readers. Green diacritic orders to blend the sound of its letter with next letter. Black diacritic requires its letter to speak without blending. While the White or Hollow diacritic has no effect, to be ignored.

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  33. How do you tell readers ‘to speak a Ha in place of a circular Ta,’ I mean, without learning, recalling and applying many confusing Recitation Rules?
  34. In ERA Transliteration, where required, all readers 'read a Ha in place of a circular Ta,' without learning old Recitation Rules. Please visit ERA text and discover the ERA vision, yourself.

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  35. Why the New ERA NAZRA Quran, presented in ERA Transliteration, is more convenient and friendly to be memorized by heart?
  36. All pages and lines in New ERA NAZRA Quran are neither monotonous in appearance, nor tiring to look at. Each page creates a precise photographic memory on those, who wish to memorize it. Thus, each ERA page is learnt by heart, more easily, rapidly and lastingly, than from the non ERA pages.

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  37. Who has proof-read the New ERA NAZRA Quran?
  38. ERA System used three colors, to present smart ultimate solutions to give correct recitation at all locations. It was a precise, complex, artistic, arduous work. All students and their learned teachers proof-read it, when ERA script was being compared all the time with other certified scripts. Some other scholars also proof-read it frequently.

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  39. Is it not probable that, some new difficulties are noted by future learners, readers and teachers of NAZRA Quran, to be rectified by someone else?
  40. Yes. It is very much expected, under a Divine Prophecy in Quran.

    As and when, new difficulties listed by readers are taken into serious research, their remedies or ‘made-easies’ are developed and added into Arabic script. It occurred in past. This happened through ERA Transliteration. And, it must occur in future.

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  41. Can your ‘Black, Green & White Color Cues' technique be applied to other Arabic scripts, as well?
  42. We feel, it has worked best with specially designed Single Case Arabic Font, where all letters all the time have one specific shape and fixed horizontal width. This is not so, in other Arabic scripts.

    However, we offer our know-how and skill to those, who wish to serve the cause of NAZRA Quran and honoring Holy Quran.

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  43. Why can’t we replace the 4 symbols per Arabic letter convention, with the 2 symbols per Latin letter practice, as was done in Muslim Turkey in 1924?
  44. Already many individuals and institutions have been typing Arabic text in Latin script, while using 2 symbols per letter.

    Still better than that, ERA Transliteration uses only 1 symbol per letter.

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