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"I am extremely happy that, you have offered, free online, an extra ordinary facility, to enable many non Arab Muslims, to teach, learn and / or improve recitation of the Holy Quran.
May God be pleased with you and further enable you to serve other people, beyond the English speaking nations. Amen."

Mohammad Ismaeel Munir
Houston, TX. USA

"I have seen your site thoroughly. Your idea is real good. I think, if people recognize the problems of teaching on the old system of printing the Holy Quran, they will appreciate ERA Systems and utilize them.

I believe, actually it's the marketing, which counts more than the idea itself, to burst out."

Ch. Munir Ahmad
Silver Spring, MD. USA

"Your aim to make the learning and subsequent recital of The Holy Quran extremely easy for non-Arab Muslims, has been clearly fulfilled. Congratulations and Blessing of God for you and your entire team."

Majid Ahmad
Sharjah, U.A.E.

"AlhamduliLah, it's a great effort to generate an easy, accurate and high quality recitation of The Holy Quran via cyber community."

Ramzi Abdullah

"It's my pleasure to read from you. I find your website very educative. May ALLAH bless you all, as you make recital of The Holy Qur'an, more interesting for those who have less previlege of reading the Holy Qur'an, on standard scripts."

Abdulfatahi SAMBO
Secretary, Islam In Nigeria (Among the Youth)

"Easy Recite Arabic' is a very useful website, for non-speakers of Arabic. It can help them a lot toward better and easier recitation of The Holy Koran. But 'ERA' needs to be advertised on a massive scale, so that more and more Muslims get to know, that such a website exists."

Muhammad Wali Aslam
Lahore, Pakistan

"Some Muslim mothers, who have younger kids, and would soon start teaching the Recitation of The Holy Quran to them, have liked the ERA system as really good for their kids. They are very much keen to learn ERA system and apply it to their kids in near future."

Dr. Waheeda Tabassam
Vancouver, BC. Canada

"Some of the beneficiaries of your great web site are the Muslims, like me, who are not fairly at ease when reciting Holy Quran on contemporary Arabic scripts.
Easy Recite Arabic System enables them to enhance their fluency, accuracy and quality of recitation with lesser effort, fatigue, frustration and the rate of failure.
Best wishes and prayers for more success in other languages, beside English."

M. Nazir
Maple, ON. Canada

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