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Q.   After all, what is the Importance of Transliteration in NAZRA Quran?
A.   Crucially, following 3 steps are carried out to render NAZRA Quran.
  1. Reader focuses at one letter and surveys 1 to 5 spaces / letters ahead of this letter.
  2. Reader >>> Mental Transliteration the focussed letter and its total situation.the focussed letter and its total situation.
  3. Reader speaks out his/her Mental Transliteration, which then is the NAZRA Quran.

Amongst most non-Arab Muslims, Transliterations into non-Arab letters, are more popular than some common Arabic scripts, for their NAZRA Quran obligation. Thus, ‘A Holy Quran, especially for NAZRA Needs’ was always desired / dreamed by the non-Arab Muslims.

Finally, their dream got granted by Ar-Rahman of Al-Quran as, ‘New ERA NAZRA Quran, presented in Easy Recite Arabic (ERA) Transliteration.’ It offers following comforts in NAZRA Quran, in distinction to all common Arabic scripts and non-Arabic transliterations.

  1. You don’t have to learn, remember and deal with 3-6 symbols or characters per Arabic letter. ERA Transliteration works with just 1 symbol per Arabic letter.

  2. Mutual differentiation between about 150 symbols of Arabic letters is more complex and confusing than the differentiation between only 30 symbols of ERA Transliteration.

  3. You don’t have to search and locate Jazm and Shadda, which appear 1-5 spaces to the front of a letter, on the same line, or on next line, on same page, or on the reverse of current page. The Jazm and Shadda in ERA Transliteration are shown in red color and therefore are much more easily located, if at all required to be located.

  4. You don’t move in reverse from each letter carrying a Jazm or Shadda, to a previous letter, located 1-5 spaces backward, on same line, or on last line, on same page, or on the reverse of current page, with a view to blend the affected-sound of a previous letter to this letter, which is the second letter. ERA Transliteration shows all its ‘First letters’ in green color, which must be blended to a next letter, in the same forward momentum.

  5. You don’t have to learn, remember, practice and utilize a number of Rules of Arabic Recitation to discover each silent letter. It is because, ERA Transliteration shows all the silent letters in a hollow, empty or outlined format. ERA silent letters just don’t bother you or anyone else.

  6. You don’t have to learn, remember, exercise and deploy many Rules of Arabic Recitation, to differentiate between a blending letter and a non-blending letter. It is because, ERA Transliteration shows all blending letters in Green color and all non-blending letters in Black color. So, the differentiation between a blending letter and a non-blending letter is just a child’s play, without learning any other Rules of Recitation.

  7. You don’t have to learn, remember, rehearse and deploy Rules of Arabic Recitation, to think and decide one right command for each Arabic Harakah, Tashkeel (diacritics). It is because ERA Transliteration uses colors to convey an exact command at each spot.

  8. Common Arabic scripts are loaded with Arabic Waqf signs. Remembering their shapes, brief names, full names and their confusing commands of ‘Do not Stop, May or May not Stop, Must Stop’ are real hard, on many individuals. In ERA Transliteration, you don’t see, learn, memorize, use, practice or entertain Arabic Waqf signs.

  9. Also, you don’t have to learn, remember and deploy many more Rules and their Exceptions to resolve each Waqf sign, to arrive at a ‘Real-Readable-Effect,’ at each Waqf sign spot. ERA Transliteration cuts your risk and responsibility totally, by showing you one ‘Real-Readable-Effect,’ at each site, vividly and boldly, in above mentioned 3 colors.

  10. You don’t have to select 1 option out of 2-3 options, offered at many spots in the text, before you actually recite. As a practice, ERA Transliteration picks and shows just one option to every-one to deal with.

  11. Although 18-20% lines on Arabic Pages require their last speaking letter to blend with first speaking letter on next line, yet there is no pointer to suggest it. Because of this flaw in the text, readers either fail to blend at a right place or wrongly blend at a wrong line. Such confusion and errors can not happen in ERA Transliteration.

  12. Wouldn’t you like to benefit from all the above-mentioned comforts, available in a distinctive Holy Quran, most suitable for NAZRA needs?
    Congratulations, Ar-Rahman of Al-Quran has granted you, your wish.

    Additional features of ‘Specific and Exclusive’ New ERA NAZRA Quran, are as under:

  13. It is the First Digital Edition of Holy Quran, ‘Totally Transliterated into Arabic Letters.’
  14. Layout of all lines on all pages in this NAZRA Quran offers fresh fine facilities.
  15. It takes YOU one-way-onward, risk, tension and error free, happily and successfully.
  16. It offers all blessings of the Arabic scripts and all comforts of most Transliterations.
  17. It is Top Easy to Teach. User Friendly to Read and Lot Easy to Learn NAZRA Quran.

Children, adults, seniors, dummies and new Muslims excel on New ERA NAZRA Quran.

  1. Those who, like to reduce their labour, time, tension and errors and also love to improve and enhance the quality and fluency of their recitation of genuine Arabic Quran.
  2. Those who used to struggle with a variety of hurdles or snags in common Arabic scripts, to compute correctly, ‘What exactly to read, instead of what is seen in the text?’
  3. Those who, lack self confidence, do not like to do decisions during recitation, but like to see and read / recite (fully cooked) the, ‘Truly Ready for an Instant NAZRA Quran.’
  4. Those who dislike to see Arabic written down in non-Arabic letters, but like to learn, read and even teach NAZRA Quran, on Arabic text Transliterated into Arabic letters.
  5. Past fans of all non-Arab Transliterations must return to New ERA NAZRA Quran, to avail all blessings of Arabic Font and all comforts and quality of Transliteration.


    1. YOU that, ERA Transliteration brings out ‘A Hidden Teacher’ out of YOU. It then inspires YOU to do wonders and raises YOU to great glories.
  1. Let me forewarn YOU that, ERA Transliteration brings out ‘A Hidden Teacher’ out of YOU. It then inspires YOU to do wonders and raises YOU to great glories.
  2. All current readers on other Arabic scripts must visit New ERA NAZRA Quran to enhance their quality and satisfaction and to decrease their errors and tension.
  3. All new Muslims must be put on New ERA NAZRA Quran to read it fast, get their Ameen faster and effectively teach Arabic NAZRA to others, with poise and pleasure.
  4. Please send in your advice, with a view to enhance the Utility and Suitability of First Digital Arabic Script, ERA Transliteration, Al-Qaidah NAZRA Quran and New ERA NAZRA Quran, with regard to NAZRA teachers, readers and learners, in this era.

Some Sample Pages of Holy Quran
Please visit following actual pages from New ERA NAZRA Quran
Pages: 1-4 Pages: 342-345 Pages: 682-685 Pages: 1039-1042

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