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As seen in Past to Present.

1. Once upon a time, the Arabs wrote their 'Bismillah...' very ' Simple in Bare-Bone' as shown below. They could easily read their 'Bismillah...' because it was their language.
But, the non Arab Muslims could not easily read 'Simple or Bare-Bone' Arabic script.

2. Then, say, the 'Dots' or 'Nuktay' were added to 'Bare-Bone' Arabic script, to make it better readable by non Arab Muslims. The modified 'Bismillah..' appeared as under.
The non Arab Muslims, could not easily read the Arabic scripts, decorated with 'Dots.'

3. Then, to further comfort Arabic readability, 'Tashkeel' or 'Diacritics' were added to the Arabic scripts. The modified 'Bismillah..' appeared as shown below.
The non Arab Muslims, could not easily read the Arabic script, supplied with 'Tashkeel.'

4. Then, to further ease Arabic readability, 'Jazm and Shadda' were also added to Arabic Scripts. The modified 'Bismillah..' emerged as shown below.
For non Arab Muslims, 'Jazm and Shadda' in Arabic text, was an irrational discomfort.

5. Then, Arabic 'Punctuation Signs,' totally based on Arabic letters and vocabulary, were added to Arabic Scripts. The 'Bismillah..' with a punctuation sign is shown as under.
The non Arab Muslims, found little comfort in non universal Arabic 'Punctuation Signs.'

6. For centuries, non Arab Muslims lived with above shown Arabic script, containing Dots, Tashkeel, Jazm, Shadda, Waqoof signs etc. During 20th century, many Muslim adults, children and grand children, dwelling in non Arab countries and fresh Muslims, were pointing fresh and lawful difficulties, when dealing with common Arabic scripts.

Right in the beginning of 20th Century, Pir Manzoor Muhammad of India presented an easier Arabic script, named 'Yassarnal Quran.' His innovation was, to write all letters in each word on same flat level. This way, he assured that all 'Tashkeel' or 'Diacritics' of each letter were shown correctly with in the same flat length of each letter.

Since then, Arabic Holy Quran, composed on 'Yassarnal Quran script' has been the most beneficial version, to learn, recite and teach the Recitation of Arabic Holy Quran. The formation or shape of 'Bismillah..' in 'Yassarnal Quran script' is shown below.

7. During the early years of 20th Century, 'Majmaa al-Lughah al-Arabiyyah, Cairo' were also considering, ways and means to remedy difficulties, mentioned above in para 6. One Arab scholar, Mr. Abdul Aziz Fahmi even suggested to replace Arabic scripts with Latin script, as had been done in Turkey a few years earlier.

Since then, millions of Arabs and non Arabs, all over the world and Internet, have adopted Latin script, in preference to common Arabic scripts. Many children and grand children of Arab immigrants in USA etc., can no longer read common Arab scripts. Their favorite 'Romanized' configuration of 'Bismillah..' in Latin script, is shown below.

8. However, from same 'Majmaa al-Lughah al-Arabiyyah,' and from the same period, Arab scholars, institutions and others started developing Simplified Arabic scripts. These new scripts are working with single symbol per letter, like 'Upper case English letters.'

Single Case Arabic Font (SCAF) is also a 'Simplified Arabic' script. It was developed by the founders of Easy Recite Arabic Academy, during1971-1991. It is 'Real Recitation Friendly.' It facilitates millions of needy and deserving Arab and non Arab Muslims, who lack choice, capacity and conviction to master common Arabic scripts and who dislike to discover Arabic text dressed in Roman robes.

SCAF is the first major 21st Century relief to many Arab and non Arab readers. The verse of 'Bismillah..' printed in simplified SCAF appears below, in one black color.

9. ERA System gives all readers, their second main relief, in the 21st Century . It serves especially if the readers are modern Muslim children or new non Arab Muslims, dwelling in non-Arab countries.

  • The ERA System displays 'non spoken letters' in hollow or out line format and shows 'spoken letters' in solid colors. This way the spoken and silent letters are easily distinguished.
Imagine your great freedom from the tough liability, often creating many wrong results:
'Invest lots of learning and practice to detect each silent letter, only to ignore them.'
'Bismillah..' below is split into 'solid and hollow' i. e. spoken and non spoken letters.

10. ERA System offers all the readers, their third grand convenience, especially to most Muslim children and new non Arab Muslims.

  • The ERA System picks up each spoken letter, which is required to blend its sound with next spoken letter, because the next letter has a 'Jazm' etc., on it.
    Then ERA System, shows them in green color.
    Why green? Because, it equates to a green traffic light on a road!
    Green means, 'Go for next spoken letter.' Off course, ignoring hollow / silent letters.
  • The Spoken letters, which don't have to blend ahead, are shown in black color.
Both types of behaviors of spoken letters are rightly pre known to readers.
All readers get rid of surfing, locating 'Jazm and Shadda' and blend / not blend decisions.
'Bismillah..' here is printed in green, black and white letters.

11. ERA System provides you some more fulfilling ideas and useful utilities. Two examples:

  • Using the same concept of green, black and hollow colors, the System color codes diacritics to letters in the text. So, all letters and diacritics are fully self showing.
  • ERA System draws a Pink Underline, beneath such adjacent words, which words are to be recited without a pause. Pink Underline improves your fluency and speed.
'Bismillah..' with color coded letters, diacritics and pink underline, is shown below:

12. You shall admire that no reader ever shall apply a (hollow) Kasra to last 'meem' shown above. On the same methoddology all waqf signs have been totally done away with ERA System. What a great relief or utility to learners, readers and the teachers of recitation?

13. For additional utilities, please go through ERA web site.
Please verify the comforts and conveniences ERA System brings to Muslim mankind?
Not only to the beginners for their ease and success, but also to frequent readers for their further refinement in recital, memorizing the holy text and also to teach and tutor recitation of the Holy Quran to fresh students, all over the world.

14. ERA System creates a far greater percentage of teachers for recitation, out of its students.

15. Thanks for watching 'Bismillah..text' travel through ages, incorporating conveniences, for the benefit of learners, readers and teachers, reg: Recitation of Arabic Holy Quran. Your feedback on all aspects, is helpful to us, honored and requested please. Thanks again.

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