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  1. Divine Promises about The Holy Quran
  2. Easy Recite Arabic (ERA) Mission
  3. Two Quizes with Solutions
See Innovations in Arabic Scripts.
  1. The Bismillah Example
  2. The Ayatul Kursi Example
Current Qaris Invited Here.
  1. A Brief for Current Teachers and Qaris
  2. Only 30 Symbols for all Arabic Letters
  3. Basic Sounds of Arabic Letters in Roman Letters
  4. Learning NAZRA-Skills on ERA & Non-ERA Scripts
  5. Contrast Between ERA & Non-ERA Scripts
  6. 10 ERA Innovations Assist NAZRA Quran
  7. Roman & Arabic Transliterations
Next Generation Attracted Here.
  1. Bicycles with Guard Wheels & the NAZRA Quran
  2. The Toronto Star of Oct. 11, 2006
  3. Handy GPS for NAZRA Quran
  4. Colors Teach NAZRA Quran
  5. ERA Dissolved all WAQOOF Signs
  6. If and Then
  7. FATAH TANWEEN Issues 5 Commands
Welcome to:
  1. New ERA NAZRA Quran (in E-books + PDF)
  2. Al-QAIDAH NAZRA Quran (in PDF only)
  3. Adults NQ* School in POW Camp

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